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You may have thought feminists were unattractive man-haters. Turns out that men find them attractive, and that relationships between feminist men and women are more romantic and healthier than others. In fact, having a feminist partner heightens sexual satisfaction for both women and men.

So says a study performed by Rutgers University researchers, published in the journal Sex Roles, and reported by LiveScience.

Rutgers psychologists surveyed 242 undergraduates and 289 older adults (average age 26 and in a relationship for about four years). They were asked how often they and their partners laughed together, how often they quarreled, whether they had thought of ending the relationship, and whether they thought their relationship had a good future, for instance.

The researchers aren’t entirely sure why feminism enhances relationships but they have a few ideas:

Feminist men might be more supportive of their female partner’s ambitions than are traditionalists. Men…

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