10 Oct

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It’s World Mental Health Day today. This isn’t something I’d planned to have ImagiNation out for, but there it is.

As I have, doubtless, bored you all to tears over by now I suffer from depression and it has been particularly bad this last couple of weeks. That means all I can really bring myself to do is lay around and beat myself up for not working harder. My depression most often manifests in a bone-weary tiredness, lack of concentration and self-belief. Qualities obviously necessary in the self-employed.

Weirdly, people say I’m very productive but I would be a lot more so without these issues.

I believe gaming can help people with a broad range of issues and I know I have personally benefited from the escape and the opportunity to safely deal with some of the things that grind me down. I’ve also seen it help people with anxiety, social…

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  1. Lili

    October 12, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    I’m right there with you, friend. In recent weeks my depression has been extremely severe, and yet certain people who claim to love me have said it’s a ploy and claim that I’m being manipulative and seeking attention if I ask directly for help- and no, I have not been a drama queen about it. Luckily my husband doesn’t see it like that and got me to a doctor when I admitted to having thoughts of self-harm. The medical community is often compassionate but society as a whole is ignorant, unfortunately.


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